Mom’s Favorite Nativity


My mom loves nativity sets.  Every year for Christmas, all of us children would put our heads together to see what we could use to make or create a new nativity set for her. What started as clothespins, sculpey clay and origami nativity sets became more and more elaborate as each year, we tried to outdo last year’s invention.

The tradition continued even as we married and started our own families – a quilted wall-hanging, a picture of all of us posed as the nativity…

IMG_6686   IMG_6683

IMG_6678   IMG_6702   IMG_6715

In fact, having our own children gave way to new possibilities and for Christmas 2010, we surprised my mom with the precious video below featuring all of her grandchildren at that time.


Of course, now, with 15 grandchildren on the ground and 2 more on the way, we wouldn’t have to double up our cast any!

Stacie Graber

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