Happy Mother’s Day

This morning at church we sang this song in honor of Mother’s Day. This evening we decided to record it for our mothers- Peter and Eric’s Grammy and Mamaw.

We are so blessed to have Mothers who pray for us!

Thank You Mama for Praying for Me

Somebody somewhere was praying that night
When Jesus came in and I saw the light.
It must have been Mama. I’ve heard her before
As she knelt by her bedside, her tears touched the floor.

Thank you Mama for praying for me.
If you had not prayed, then where would I be?
They call you old fashioned but you love the Lord
And your prayers touch the Master as your tears touched the floor.

She held to the altar and wouldn’t give in
‘Til she knew all her children had been born again.
Just an old fashioned Mama but she loved the Lord
And her prayers touched the Master as her tears touched the floor.



“I learned more about Christianity from my mother than from all the theologians in England.” – John Wesley

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