Peter’s Pennies

Peter & his PenniesPeter has been saving his pennies for quite awhile.  When asked if he wants to buy candy with them he replies emphatically, “No! Fly in a airplane!”

Well today is the big day!  Peter Marshall is taking his pennies to the airport to buy a ticket to fly with Pops & Mamaw to Switzerland!  He was up before the sun, squinting in the brightness of the lights as Mama and Papa packed the last things in their luggage. This is one excited little man.

He has been waiting for “October 7th” for a long time.  The last time I flew on business, Peter cried after they picked me up at the airport.  “Papa’s turn finished. Now Peter’s turn.”

On the way to the airport several days previously we had told him that this time it was Papa’s turn.  He used two year old logic to figure out that once Papa’s turn was over then it would have to be Peter’s turn.  His little heart was broken when we all drove away from the airport instead of dropping him off!

_MG_3310Mama encouraged him by telling him his turn was coming on October 7th.  He has learned the date well.

Today we fly to Newark where we will connect with the rest of my family and fly to Switzerland where we will be visiting historic Amish and Anabaptist sites filming for the documentary for the next several weeks.

Peter is about to spend his pennies.



When we got to the check in counter I noticed a tip jar on the desk.  I asked Peter if he was ready to pay for his airplane ride. Was he ever!  He gladly put all of his pennies in that tip jar.

PeterPays PetersLuggage


Then he grabbed his luggage and started looking for an airplane to board!


And we’re off!


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