Welcome to Colorado

The Gilbert family welcomes us to Colorado
The Gilbert family welcomes us to Colorado

Welcome to Colorado!

Stacie and I recently stepped out on a faith venture by moving to Colorado. We are here to participate in a church plant from Living Water Fellowship in Bulverde Texas. The church we are working with here isĀ Living Water Fellowship – Denver, a brand new church that is still very much in the fledgling mode. The church model is family integrated, elder led, and Spirit filled. We are blessed to be working with Ernie and Julie Gilbert and their family in this effort.

The Gilbert family is originally from Colorado, but in 2012 they moved to Texas where the Lord led them to Living Water Fellowship. In the course of time God made it clear that He was calling Ernie and Julie to come back to the Denver area with a church plant from Living Water Fellowship. The Gilberts are musicians and Ernie sensed God calling him to be the worship pastor of the church so they began to pray that God would raise up a preaching pastor to come with them.

Since December Stacie and I have prayed that God would raise up the right person to come to Colorado as a preaching pastor with the Gilberts, not realizing that we were praying for ourselves. God had clearly called us to pastor- we assumed it would be at some later time and somewhere closer to home- so it took a bit of adjustment once we realized God was “for sure” calling us to come to Colorado for the church plant.

At the beginning of August, the pastors of Living Water Fellowship in Bulverde TX prayed for us and sent us out to start this work. The Gilberts left immediately for Colorado, but we stayed for an extra week and a half to finish getting our house ready to sell. They were here to welcome us and we have had a good time with them these past two weeks. They have a house that they are moving into now and we are still searching for a house for us.

We are right where we are supposed to be and are looking forward to the blessing that is to come here in Colorado.

One car short of all my earthly belongings!


Colorado Mountains
Colorado Mountains




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