Intentional Project


That is what the Gaff and Grip department yell when they are turning off a light on a movie set. They yell that so nobody will think the bulb blew or the power went off. That way everyone watching knows that what is happening now is supposed to happen. It was planned. It was Intentional.

I wonder if people watching my life are able to tell that I’m planning things? Do they know that what is happening is supposed to be happening?

Maybe I should start yelling “Intentional!” every time I do something so people know that I know where I am headed in life. But if I had yelled “Intentional” when I bumped into that lady in the store today- that would have been awkward. And there was that guy walking across the parking lot to the offices today, he didn’t say anything with words but the way he walked and dressed said it for him. He was Intentional.

I want my actions to say “Intentional” for me. I want everything about me to look well planned and purposeful.

“LORD, I want to live life on purpose. Please help me. Amen.”

(To see what all this thinking led to, visit The Intentional Project page over on Thorn Crown Project)

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