Excerpt from my Notebook (from 8-7-10)

“For a number of years I have asked the question, “What is God’s life-work calling in my life?” I assumed that the answer would come back as chalk art ministry, camping ministry, film making, or some other such vocational pursuit. This summer as God has been revealing more and more of His unconditional love to me I’ve begun to understand my life purpose better.

Joseph's Notebook
Joseph’s Notebook

“I have been looking for some activity to keep my hands busy serving God. His desire is that all my being communicate His love to His children. I wanted quantifiable activities so I could prove that I was serving the Lord. He wanted me to be an open channel that He could flow through and touch other people. God is interested in spiritual results that I cannot necessarily see– so no matter what I’m measuring it is the wrong thing. I am not supposed to measure, I’m supposed to know Him, to enjoy Him, and to abide in Him. As He overflows me I will be communicating His truth. I may communicate by speaking, preaching, writing, visiting, campfire stories, film making, song writing, and any of countless other things that can all keep my hands busy. I must let the Word become flesh through my life.

“God’s calling then, is to communicate Him. He is the truth, therefore I must radiate truth. God is love, therefore I must radiate love. God is beauty and holiness, therefore I must radiate beauty and holiness. God is enough, therefore I must radiate contentment. These are all things that I cannot do with my hands, it is only the Holy Spirit that can perform this amazing communications feat. He is my eternal place of rest, therefore I must abide in Him and He in me or my life is vain.

“So I must let Him communicate through me. He is the sun, I am the moon. He is the signal tower, I am the radio receiver. His hand the pen, I am the page that others read. He is the operating system, the processer, the hard drive, and all the hardware, I am the moniter that lets others see what He is doing. He is the power plant, I am a distribution point. He is the Artist, I am the canvas. He is the Word, I am the flesh. He is the Truth and I proclaim Him!

“Once I realize this I will cease from my own frantic labors and let Christ perform His life work in and through me. Praise God!”

“And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,) full of grace and truth.”
-John 1:14

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