Anything you can do, I can do…


Now that I can walk, I can do whatever the big people do!  I can slide down the big scary slide all by myself…


…I can make supper with Mommy.  We were making King Ranch Chicken and I carefully tore up all those tortillas myself!


…And I can even tickle Daddy, just like Mommy!


I love our family, and I especially love being one of the big people now!

Until next time,

Peter Marshall Graber

Joseph noted that many times, Peter will be all absorbed in whatever he is doing at the moment, not realizing that Daddy’s is watching him.  Or when Peter stands up, he doesn’t see Daddy’s hand covering a sharp table edge, making sure he doesn’t bump his head.  Peter doesn’t notice that Daddy is right behind him on the stairs in case he should fall.

How many times is God doing that to us and we don’t even notice?  How many times is He protecting us from a danger we didn’t even know was there?

Lord, thank you for being our ever watchful, protecting Father!

“The LORD watches over you– the LORD is your shade at your right hand.” Psalm 121:5



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