What A Day That Will Be – Dreaming of Heaven

“There is coming day…” It isn’t here yet, but it is coming.

“…when no heartaches shall come…” Not even one heartache?

No tuggings at the heartstrings because of something,

somewhere that isn’t quite right?

No more heartaches, not even one. Wow.

“…No more clouds in the sky,” We shall see the Son face to face with nothing between us.

“No more tears to dim the eye:” God will wipe away all our tears.

“All is peace forevermore on that happy golden shore,”

No more wars anymore,

and all the little things that take our peace will be gone.

No minor disagreements, like flies in our ointment,

to mar an otherwise beautiful day. Peace, and the sound of the waves

of the ages running up on that golden shore. What a day!

“What a day, glorious day that will be.” Glorious is a big word, but

it is still too small for that day. “What a day…” What a Day!

“…that will be when my Jesus…” Jesus- my Lord, the one who looked down the ages

and loved me, died for me, redeemed me, rose again for me, and chose me

to be His servant, no, more than a servant- His friend, His especial friend.

Jesus, the Anointed One of God!

“…I shall see…” I will see Him. Really truly see Him-

His face shining with the light of eternity. His eyes full of the love that drew me to Him.

His hair rustling in the breeze from the cherubims’ wings. I will see Him!

“And I look upon His face…” See the face of the Man of Galilee!

See the face of the Son of God! My King! My Lord! My Saviour! My Jesus! I will SEE Him!

“The One who saved me by His grace…” Grace: it looked like death…

…actually tasted like death….and He drank it…in my place- and I call it Grace?

To Him: Suffering. To me: Peace.

To Him: Raw Death. To me: Fullness of Life.

To Him: Torturous Pain. To me: Escape from torture.

To Him: Tears of Agony. To me: Tears of pure Joy.

To Him: Ugliness. To me: Beauty.

Its called Grace.

“When He takes me by the hand…” Just like friends. He IS my Friend. He said so.

His hand: Nail scarred. My hand: Battle worn, or soft and pudgy?

“…and leads me through the Promised Land.” He’ll show me everything:

Where Lucifer was cast down. Where Ezekiel saw the wheels.

Where the fiery chariot with Elijah arrived.

Where He stood to watch Stephen die.

Where John stood to watch the opening of the seals.

Wow. What a Day!

“What a day, glorious day, that will be.”

Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus.

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