Fear and Faith

On a good day when everything is going well I would tell you, if you asked me, that fear was sin. If you asked me the same question on a day of darkness, when the future looks uncertain and I really don’t know what is happening or going to happen,  I might tell you that fear may be sin but right now I am scared. So how can I reconcile the great theological truth with  the surrounding facts and my very real feelings?


My dilemma reminds me of the man that came to Jesus in need of a miracle. The Lord told him the miracle was possible if he believed. The man’s response was profound, “Lord, I believe! Help Thou mine unbelief!”  That is where I am, “Lord I know you are in control of my future and I have nothing to fear, but O God I am afraid! Please Lord Help me!”

What really is fear and what is faith? They actually do share some similarities. Let me explain. Fear is to our Enemy what faith is to our God. Fear in our lives makes it possible for Satan to wreak his havoc upon us. Faith makes it possible for God to perform his miracles. Proverbs 10:24 is a verse that has helped me understand what I am experiencing: “The fear of the wicked will come upon him, and the desire of the righteous will be granted.”

Picture with me for a moment the spiritual atmosphere surrounding my life. Above and to my right notice the warrior angel standing guard over my life. This heavenly warrior seems quite capable of putting on quite a fight, but even if he should ever run into more than he can handle, check out that trumpet hanging at his side- he can call in assistance anytime he needs it. Notice how the heavenly sunlight is constantly playing over his fair features? His hand caresses the handle of his sword, he really enjoys a good battle! Now look down to that dark shadow behind me to my left, see that shadowy form hiding there? See how it’s pale yellow orbs constantly shift? It keeps looking at me, looking away, and looking again. It runs it’s slimy fingers along the wet edge of a sleazy sword. It so wants to destroy me, if only it could get a good grip on my life…oh if only that heavenly warrior would leave.

Just as fear and faith share similarities, so do these two warriors. Both these warriors were created by the same God for the same purpose at the same time. On a day when the filthy waves of rebellion rolled over the fields of heaven, both of these messengers and warriors made a choice. One chose a downward path in the trail of Lucifer, the other made the true choice and pledged allegiance to the High King of Heaven. In the beginning they were both designed to listen to the words of God and perform them on the earth; they were designed to listen to the prayers and desires of man and assist in answering those cries. Today the heavenly warrior still hears the voice of God and listens to the prayers of men and performs the will of God. The filthy enemy listens to that old serpent the Devil and listens to the fears of men and tries to kill, steal, and destroy, everything in its path- especially people. So now these two warriors who once stood side by side are involved in a bitter controversy; an epic struggle between good and evil. The battle sector they have been assigned to in this War of the Heavens is my life.

Notice that neither the heavenly angel nor the demonic swordsman can necessarily read my thoughts. They are not God. But they can read my body language and listen to the words I say. The main difference between this warrior from the cerulean regions and the one from the regions below is their allegiance and their purpose. The one was briefed about God’s calling on my life, this one knows how God wants to work in my life. This one was sent to perform God’s will in my life and fulfill the godly desires that I develop and to assist in answering my prayers. The other one knows nothing of God’s plan for my life except for what I have said and demonstrated in all the years of my life. This one has been sent to kill, steal, and destroy, my life, ministry, and testimony and assist in fulfilling my fears.

Alright, if you’ve gotten the picture let us now proceed with the action. Both warriors are looking for an opportunity to advance their causes in my life. The words that I speak let them know what is happening in my mind. Sometimes the words that I speak give them permission to move in my life. Perhaps I say, “I really want to share the love of Jesus with someone today.” The heavenly warrior responds with a glad shout, “Yes! There is battle to do!” After consulting with the Holy Spirit this angel proceeds to bring someone into my life I can share with. The dark swordsman writhes in bitterness.

But what if I voice my fears? What if I say, as I am driving down the road to preach at some church, “I am so afraid I’m going to have a flat tire.” The dark swordsman rises and says, “Haha! I can arrange that!” Then he proceeds to separate the treads or find a nail to set up in front of my speeding wheels. Or perhaps I say, “I am so afraid my relationship with so-and-so is not going to make it.” Up rises the dark swordsman, “Aha! I can arrange that!” And he proceeds to bring strife and turmoil and divisive people into the relationship. Or perhaps my words were, “I am so afraid I’m not going to make it financially.” “Aha!” Gloats the dark swordsman, “I can arrange that!”

So why didn’t the angelic warrior interfere and stop the dark swordsman? Because, when he wants to, the dark swordsman says, “No way. I have a right to do this. Joseph believes this is going to happen, he spoke to me, this is my turn.” And so in frustration the angelic warrior steps back, just waiting for me to give the word so he can hack the dark swordsman to pieces.

Now let’s go back to that verse in Proverbs: “The fear of the wicked will come upon him, and the desire of the righteous will be granted.”  This verse contains the key to my dilemma. When a moment of fear comes upon me do I deny my fear and pretend nothing is wrong? No. But instead of moaning and groaning and allowing the dark swordsman space to operate in my life I can allow the angelic warrior a chance for the fight that he is spoiling for. Let me show you.

Fear comes upon me. Now I have two choices. I can either say, “I am so-o afraid…” and give the dark swordsman permission to destroy. Or I can say, “My desire is…” then I can state a desired end that would rescue me from my fear and thus give the angelic warrior a chance to do battle on my behalf. Here are some examples of fears turned into desires:

“I am afraid my friendship with so-and-so is going to be destroyed.”

Restated thus:
“I desire to have a strong, long lasting, godly friendship with so-and-so.”

“I am afraid I won’t be able to pay all my bills.”

Spoken in this way:
“I desire to be able to pay all my bills on time with money left over to spare.”

Words are powerful things, just changing the way we talk about a situation will change the way we see it. If we see a situation in a different light we will respond differently. If we respond correctly God is able to have the maximum amount of input into the outcome of our situations. This is one way I can change my fears into godly desires and allow God to work in my life. Fear may visit me for a moment but I don’t need to let it lay eggs and hatch them in my hair.

Well, these are some of my thoughts on fear and faith. My desire is that everyone will really enjoy reading them from beginning to end and will not fall asleep midstream. My further desire is that people will let me know what they think about these thoughts.

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