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Peter Marshall – Additional Thoughts From A Four Year Old

by Peter Marshall

*Peter requested that we piece three videos together to finish his thoughts from yesterday- he couldn’t say everything in one video because his brother kept making interuptions in the background-  so we did that for him.

From Peter Marshall: 

I just really like how God died on the cross for me. And I really love God and He is a perfect King.  Satan is not the perfect god and Jesus is a perfect God.  So right now this very minute there is a battle going on with God and Satan.  

One Response to Peter Marshall – Additional Thoughts From A Four Year Old

  1. Amy Cahill says:

    Cahill cousins enjoyed both videos! Nice lighting effects in this one. Thank you for sharing such an important message. Lance has been asking about death and the book of life – maybe you could do something on that.

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