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Blessings of 2015

by Joseph Graber

As per our usual New Years Day custom, Stacie and I sat down to review our goals and see how we did on our projects this year.  Turns out that we did not finish any of our film or writing projects.  We spent a lot of time working on them.  We made huge strides of progress, but we didn’t actually finish any of them.

That means that on our annual report for Joseph & Stacie’s goals there will be nothing added for completed projects in 2015.

However, 2015 was a year of great blessing for us.  So lest we become discouraged by what we didn’t accomplish, we made a list of blessings that are part of our goals but don’t fit into our assessments of project completion accomplishments.

Blessings of 2015:

-Eric Liddell Graber was born in January – two weeks early and healthy

-All our family and friends who came and stayed with us to help take care of the boys while Stacie and I worked on the film edit

-Lots of time with the Jones side of the family

-Our involvement with the Christian World View Film Festival

-Amish Awareness Conference in Ohio

-Visiting my Grandma Graber who is Amish

-God’s protection when Peter Marshall ran in front of a car

-Many of our friends getting married

-The joy of co-laboring at Living Water Fellowship with Pastor Ernie & the Gilbert Family

-Baptisms and spiritual blessings at church

-Lessons learned during times of prayer

-Time spent with missionaries Gary & Amelia Tebbe

-The blessing of hosting through Candle in the Window

-Receiving more testimonies of God blessing people through Indescribable

-Finding the pottery shop in Russel Gulch, CO

-Peter’s balance bike and his pet ladybug: Sir Gentlemen

-Thanksgiving with the Graber side of the family at a lodge in Buena Vista CO

-Writing a book with my parents

-Stacie getting to teach film classes at a local home school co-op

-First ever Ski trip with just Joseph & Stacie

-New Bibles

Yes, we have been blessed this year, and to top it all off, check out this short video:


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